Excise and Taxation Department lacks parking area for commuters


ISLAMABAD: The excise and taxation department has failed to provide parking area to commuters which has resulted in people are using the green belt for the parking place without any security, it has been learnt.

People are using sides of the roads and green belt lying across the department premises for the parking purposes illegally. Since there is no specific parking area for the use of commuters coming for the excise and taxation department, the traffic flow on the road gets disturbed.

Due to lack of security, vehicles and bikes are being stolen and commuters face routine traffic jam at the nearby signal. More than half the road adjacent to the department is covered by illegal parking and the lack of traffic police availability makes the situation even worse for travellers on the road.

The nearby Islamabad Public Library also remains unavailable to the general public because of the ruckus that is created by lack of parking space.

It has also been reliably learnt that some police officials have established an illegal parking place for bikers without any approval of Capital Development Authority (CDA) near the excise department at the 9th avenue service road.

Talking to Pakistan Today one of the police officials stated that because bikes were routinely stolen from the area a temporary bike stand had been created.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Excise and Taxation Department Director Mariam Mumtaz by admitted to the administrative failure of providing secure parking for the department.