Assemblies will complete term, no threat to elections: Khawaja Asif


LONDON: Foreign Minister (FM) Khawaja Asif asserted early Thursday that representative assemblies will complete their term and there is no such problem which may delay elections in the country.

Asif’s assertion followed National Assembly (NA) Speaker Ayaz Sadiq’s statement in which he had expressed fears that assemblies might not be able to complete their tenure. Sadiq had said that uncertainty had been fuelled by instances such as the delimitation bill that is still to be passed.

“The speaker expressed his concern over circumstances in the country,” the minister said while speaking to media upon reaching London.

“Legislation has its own pressures, however, the government and assemblies will complete their term.” He said that situation in Pakistan is better and soon the government will overcome all problems.

Asif said the perception of democracy weakening in the country is wrong and that there is no threat to the next elections. “The government has achieved 70-80 per cent of its targets. The promises Nawaz Sharif made are being fulfilled.”

He further said that forging alliances and opposing them is the right of opposition parties, adding, “We know how to defend ourselves.”

The minister said that the purpose of his visit is to hold meetings with investors in the UK. Asif confirmed that he would also meet former premier Nawaz Sharif, however, added, “Rumours about a major, very important meeting are not true.”

Commenting on religious extremism in Pakistan, he said that it grew in the 1980s due to the Afghan war, but soon it will be controlled.

FM Asif also said that PML-N government had completed four and half year and resolved many problems. The present government has overcome the problem of load-shedding and restored peace during its ongoing tenure, he said.

The tourists in the country had increased due to peace, he said and added that the people are not facing any problem at CNG stations.

On the collusion of Asif Ali Zardari, Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri, he said that the present government, after coming into power in 2013, faced many challenges.

Khawaja Asif said that PML-N was fully united under the leadership of Muhammed Nawaz Sharif and the people had full confidence in the policies of the present government.

Commenting on the OIC conference held in Turkey, the foreign minister said that representatives of Muslim Ummah had expressed solidarity with the people of Palestine over the current issue. He added that Pakistan had given suggestions that the matter of Palestine could be raised at the forum of General Assembly and the Security Council.

The FM added that the people of the world were also supporting Palestine.