Security alert issued for terror threats to schools, hospitals in Punjab


LAHORE: In the wake of terror threats to schools and hospitals across Punjab, the intelligence agencies have issued a security alert.

Sources said that intelligence agencies in a letter to Punjab government said that the schools and hospitals in Punjab, particularly in Faisalabad and Multan, were under severe terror threats from banned outfits.

The security agencies in a letter to Punjab government said, “The terrorists, possibly in security personnel uniforms, from outlawed organizations can target the educational institutions, hospitals, offices and state vehicles by deceiving as security personnel.”

Following the threat, Punjab government has started security arrangements on an urgent basis to avert any possible terror attack.


  1. Ok so Terrorists have revived training in Afghanistan and they will come to Pakistan from Afghanistan. What will pakistan do if they attack our schools or hospitals as it has already been learnt that the attack is planned in Afghanistan ! Pakistan has no policy !

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