Cement plants petition courts against Katas Raj for polluting atmosphere with traces of non-Muslim culture


A consortium of cement plants petitioned the Islamabad High Court on Tuesday against the Katas Raj temple complex on environmental grounds.

“We have petitioned the court against the Katas Raj temples as they are releasing traces of non-Muslim culture in the mumliqat-e-khudadad, which is in complete violation of the ideology of Pakistan,” said Saleem Pirzada, leader of the consortium and chief executive of Bestway Cement Ltd.

“We hope that the courts will pay this petition as much, if not more heed than the supposed ‘pollution’ that we are doing.”

“We don’t even need complete proof of the Hindu origins of this complex as they are being quite open and brazen about it,” he said.

“They are quite open about their being Hindus.”

“Imagine!” The move comes in the backdrop of several other cases by a consortium of property dealers in Lahore, that had moved the Lahore High Court against the city’s churches for the charge of being.