Musharraf urges Karachiites to promote brotherhood, peace


KARACHI: All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Chairperson Pervez Musharraf on Sunday urged the Karachiites for promoting peace, love and brotherhood in the city.

Addressing an APML meeting in the Orangi Town area of the city through a video link, Musharraf said that the APML was not limited to any single religion, sect or community.

The masses will vote in favour of the APML and its allies in the general election of 2018, he claimed.

The APML chief said that in the prevailing circumstances, the country needs a third political party to counter the two major parties, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), to save the country from prevailing crisis.

Next elections would be the end of the politics of the PML-N, claimed Musharraf, adding the APML is in favour of equal opportunity for all “to take the country out of the confronting crises”.