Violence mars Lahore Bar Association election campaign


LAHORE: Two lawyer groups clashed during the election campaign of the Lahore Bar Association on Saturday in Lahore.

Awami Muslim League chief Sheikh Rasheed was addressing the Lahore High Court (LHC) Bar when a scuffle broke out between two groups of lawyers on the issue of seating arrangements.

The elections of Lahore Bar Association will be held in the 1st week of January and more than 18000 voters will be casting their votes for expression of opinion. Around 40 candidates will be contesting the election for various positions.

In preparation for the election, lawyers have begun with the campaign and the recent incident of violence took place between two opposing factions of lawyers.

The candidates have been arranging feasts for their voters in order to continue with their election campaign. For the seat of president, 2 candidates will be competing with each other while for the seat of the secretary, 9 candidates will be taking part in elections.



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