Thank you for your vision, CM Shehbaz: Martin Kobler


JHANG: From American to British diplomats, from Chinese development sector experts to Turkish investors, dignitaries from across the world have spoken of Shahbaz Sharif’s commitment to work. The latest statement by German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler further speaks volume of Punjab chief minister’s success.

At the groundbreaking ceremony of Punjab Power Plant at Jhang, German Ambassador to Pakistan Martin Kobler said, “For your vision chief minister [Shehbaz Sharif], for your energy, for your dynamism, for making this part of your effort to improve the power situation of this country, thank you very much.”

Not only that, Imam-e-Kaaba also praised Punjab CM for development during his recent visit in April. Imam-e-Kaaba Sheikh Saleh Muhammad Bin Talib said that the love and respect that he has received from Pakistan is unforgettable.

“The people of Pakistan have warmly welcomed us. Lahore is a historical and cultural city but when I was on my way from the airport to Model Town, I saw that this historical city has been developed with planning and beautification and this historical city has been turned into a developed city,” he said and added that the credit for this goes to Shehbaz Sharif.