Punjab CM inspects kidney, liver institute

  • Shehbaz announces free treatment for all deserving patients of kidney, liver diseases

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif visited the under-construction project-site of the Pakistan Kidney & Liver Transplant Institute (PKLI) here and inspected various construction-related works there.

Talking on the occasion, the chief minister said that this project was very important with regard to serving the ailing humanity. He said that PKLI would be completed with commitment, hard work and passion. He said that all deserving patients of kidney and liver diseases would get state-of-the-art free treatment facilities in this hospital.

Talking to the media, he said that whole team of the Punjab government was working with hard work on the project as the health minister, the chief secretary, administration, PHA, the PKLI management as well as all the line departments were working day and night to ensure completion of the first phase of the project within the stipulated time.

“We are trying that the first phase should be completed according to the schedule and with the grace of Almighty Allah, our collective efforts will bear fruit and on the birthday of Pakistan founder Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the whole nation, particularly the people of Punjab, would be gifted in shape of completion of first phase of this project.

To a question, he said that he was thankful to Almighty Allah that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has given a positive judgment regarding orange line metro train project and the Punjab government and the Punjab Metro Authority have been allowed to work on the project. Definitely, the NOCs devised by the government has been accepted by the court and has agreed in its judgment that there is nothing illegal in it.

He said the conditions imposed by the apex court would be fully abided by. He said that opponents of this mega project of public interest, particularly the PTI, which submitted the application to stop this project, have to eat dust. PTI has acted like a domestic enemy, he said.

“They (PTI) have caused to delay the project of public interest and have taken revenge, not from me but from the poor people including students, labourers, widows and orphans, who were to aboard this train. We have had planned to inaugurate this project on December 25, but due to the application of PTI and Imran Niazi team, the project has been delayed for 22 months,” he said.

The chief minister said that PTI was chiefly responsible for the delay in this mega project of public interest. The project was scheduled to be completed on December 25 but has been delayed due to the enmity of the PTI with the people, he said. To a question, he said that empowerment of the people was the main thing while elections and politics are a routine matter.

The dirty politics of enmity to the public development has badly damaged Pakistan. He said that persons doing good work should be appreciated. More than four years have been passed but the KPK government has not fixed even a single brick of the metro project till today there. These people have been opposing metro bus project in Punjab and have leveled a baseless allegation of spending 70 billion rupees.

These people have continued to speak lies; have taken u-turns and wasted their time in ruining the destiny of the people; and because of it, the nation shall never forgive them. Had this project not been delayed for 22 months because of the PTI, the air pollution would have been sufficiently decreased due to the reduction of vehicular traffic on roads, because of plying of the metro train and the precious time would have also been saved. The people would have also been saved from traffic jam issues and they would have reached to their destinations in a respectable manner.

He said that this project carries multiple benefits but the ultra-rich group of the PTI, which moves on limousines and visit Europe along with their pet dogs, is oblivious to the problems of the hoi polloi. They are unaware of the great sacrifices rendered for the achievement of this motherland. It appears that this group is unaware of the rationale for the creation of Pakistan. Though there are some other minor parties who are also responsible for the cause of 22 months delay in this project, but PTI is hundred percent responsible for it.

The PTI has backstabbed like a coward to snatch the rights of the indigent strata. Everybody knows that Waleed Iqbal of the PTI submitted an application to stop this project and then withdrew it. This cabal has committed enmity with the people by obstructing the development projects through the politics of sit-ins, lockdown and chaos. The attitude of the PTI is to mete out cruelty with its own people while showing benevolence towards others. Mendacity is their style of politics.

The snatching of the rights of the poor nation is no politics nor is it patriotism, he added. To a question, the Chief Minister said that Chinese government has termed the orange line metro train a gift for the people of Pakistan. The people of Punjab, as well as from other parts of the country, will travel on this train and its ticket price shall be affordable. They would have sucked the blood of the poor people, had there been any PTI in place of the Muslim League-N attached to this project.

He said that orange line metro train project shall revolutionarise the public transport system and added that backlog shall be cleared with hard work. To another question, he made it clear that he did not make false promises like liars and did what he promises.