Sultan Azam Taimuri induction as Islamabad IG challenged in IHC


ISLAMABAD: The removal of former IG, Khalid Khattak and the subsequent induction of Sultan Azam Taimori as Islamabad Police Inspector General (IG) has been challenged in the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

A citizen, Ijaz has filed a petition in the IHC stating that Khalid Khattak has been removed from his post on a political basis and that he is being punished for not complying with the directives of interior minister Ahsan Iqbal during the sit-in of a religious group as he preferred court orders to interior minister orders.

The petitioner while making the interior minister and establishment division the respondents in his petition has asked the court to cancel the transfer orders of Khalid Khattak, as well as, the appointment orders of Sultan Azam as the new Islamabad IG.