Balochistan’s isolation from CPEC could trigger unrest, warns Marri


QUETTA: Former Balochistan home minister Nawabzada Gazain Marri on Thursday warned that if Balochistan is left out of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), it would increase the sense of deprivation among the Baloch and that it could trigger unrest in the province.

While talking to the media he said that as the elections of 2018 draw near, parties have started criticising, hence creating negative rhetoric against the CPEC.

He also claimed that he was approached by many political leaders to join their parties but he wants to join a political party that has roots at the national level.

Talking about the rights of the provinces after the 18th Amendment, Marri said that provinces enjoy complete autonomy adding that the “federal government and federating units are still unaware of the spirit of enacting the amendment.”

Responding to a question on his role in the coming caretaker government, the Baloch politician said that he doesn’t know when the general elections will be held, but that he has heard rumours about the foundations of a caretaker cabinet being discussed.



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