Large numbers of Multan police suffering from serious ailments


MULTAN: The Punjab health department screened over 4,000 police personnel and officials during ‘awareness week’ in Multan.

The results of the screening are shocking as one-third of the police force has been found to be affected by one disease or another including diabetes, high blood pressure, Hepatitis B and C, as well as, tuberculosis.

The results of the screening are astounding. Out of the 4,606 personnel and officials tested at the three-day screening camp, 873 were found to be diabetic, 250 are patients of high blood pressure, 3 are suffering from tuberculosis, 247 are suffering from Hepatitis C, and 129 from Hepatitis B.

Around 400 police personnel did not get themselves tested.

When asked, the police officials told the media that they were working day in and day out to fill in for the lack of strength in the force, which was the prime reason for falling ill.

However, the officials added, those with ailments will be treated as soon as possible and the ones suffering critical illnesses will be given an early retirement.