Man dies overnight in police custody in Lahore


LAHORE: A man who died in police custody is said to have been tortured to death by his prison officers.

Relatives of the departed here on Wednesday alleged that his death was at the hand of his jailer, however, the police officials maintained that the man had died ‘due to his drug addiction’

The deceased’s family further challenged the police’s account of the man’s imprisonment.

The man, Yasir Butt, had been taken into custody on charges of theft and robbery and had ended up dying while in lock-up ‘owing to his drug addiction’, claimed the police.

The deceased’s brother, Hasan alleged that Yasir had been in custody of the Township police for over a month without any allegations of a crime. He further added that the family had last seen Yasir during a brief meeting on Tuesday when they had gone to give him food.

The family claimed that Yasir had been murdered by the police later that night and his mother had been pressurized into accepting the body without filing a complaint.

Hasan accused the Township Police SHO of being responsible for the death. The officer was unavailable for comment.

No FIR has been filed so far. No autopsy has been carried out either, despite visible torture marks on the victim’s body.