Visually impaired individuals protest outside Lahore Press Club


LAHORE: Visually impaired individuals have been staging protest once again outside Lahore Press Club for the fulfilment of their demands. The protesters blocked the road due to which the flow of traffic got disrupted.

According to reports, the visually impaired people have been protesting since long for the fulfilment of their demands, however, every time empty promises are being made to them by the concerned authorities.

The protesters have been demanding for permanency of jobs for all those employees who are working on daily wages as well as on contract.

They have complained that the employees who are working on contract or daily wages are not being paid and if they get their salaries, government deducts an amount for official leaves.

The protesters declared that if the government does not act upon the promises made earlier and will once again ignore their demands, they will be expanding the scope of their protest and will block Mall Road as well.