Pakistan, Afghanistan should unite against joint enemy: Sayed Ishaq Gailani


KABUL: Member of National Assembly of Afghanistan Pir Sayed Ishaq Gailani said Monday that India has paid $50,000 to mastermind the attack on Deputy Inspector General of Police Hamid Shakeel Sabir in Quetta.

Talking to Pakistani journalists, he said that Pakistan and Afghanistan should unite against their joint enemy. He said that the entire area of Afghanistan was not under the control of foreigners. He also said that weapons and food were being provided to Daesh fighters in the country through helicopters, but these choppers were not flying from Pakistan’s territory.

Furthermore, he said that some years back a seminary was being run in Tirah valley of Pakistan where most of the students were Chechens, Tajiks, Uzbek and Arabs. After the operation in Tirah by security forces of Pakistan, the seminary was shifted to Nangarhar in Afghanistan, which had now been shifted to Kunar province of the same country.

Gailani said that the students of the seminary were neither Pakistanis nor Afghans, adding that the seminary had enough resources to train a large number of militants in modern day warfare. He said that due to the resources and influence of the seminary administration, local people did not want to point a finger towards them or their illegal activities.


  1. Afghanistan has allowed India to use Afghan soil and everybody knows that. Afghanistan along with US & India support IS-K against Afghan Taliban. IS-K consists of TTP-IMU & ETIM.

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