Five reasons we are looking forward to Rangreza


Upcoming Pakistani film Rangreza has been making the headlines for quite a while now since the cast and team of the film are promoting the film extensively. The social media accounts of all the cast and crew are abuzz with behind the scenes of promotions while they are creating a frenzy at schools, universities, malls and even on the roads.

While the trailer seems promising and full of colours, an exclusive conversation with the cast revealed to us more about the film and we cannot help but feel excited about its release.

Here are five reasons as to why we are looking forward to the film and why you should be too.

1) The cast

The films starres a talented bunch of actors including Bilal Ashraf, Gohar Rasheed, Ghana Ali and Urwa Hocane in lead roles. All the actors have proved their talent and versatility in their previous projects and we are sure this will be no less.

2) The entire movie has been made in Pakistan

From the shooting to the post-production, everything has been done in the country which means it is a wholly Pakistani production through and through.

It is also one of the most expensive productions to date.

3) It’s a first of its kind musical romance

Pakistani cinema has mostly centred on family dramas, comedies and action thrillers. The musical genre has not been experimented before and Rangreza promises to be a musical which can be seen with the entire family.

4) The songs

The soundtrack of the film boasts extremely talented musicians with the likes of Abida Parveen, Asrar and Qurram Hussain.

The title track of Rangreza will be a tribute to the late Junaid Jamshed.

Bagiya, which is a quirky number is currently number one on our playlist.

5) The film features 200 transgenders in an item song

Rangreza will feature an item song with 200 transgenders. Such involvement of transgenders is something which has never been done before in a Pakistani production.

The song will also feature the anti-hero of the film, Gohar Rasheed.

Rangreza is expected to release worldwide on December 21.