Peshawar university attack shows terrorists were based in Afghanistan: DG ISPR


ISLAMABAD: Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor said that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP)’s claim to Friday’s terror attack on Peshawar Agricultural University proves that terrorists are using Afghanistan’s soil to conduct activities across the border.

While talking to a private media channel, the DG ISPR asserted that Afghanistan should take prompt measures to eliminate terrorists based in their country.

Earlier, in a meeting between the Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Javed Bajwa and Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani, it was decided that Pakistan would continue to support Afghanistan, said the ISPR chief.

He further said that Pakistan is in dialogue with the Afghan director general military operations (DGMO) who is on a visit to Pakistan, over the terrorist issue and all evidence gathered in today’s attacks has also been sent to the Afghan DGMO along with recommendations on how to tackle this matter.

The DG ISPR reiterated that the terrorists were constantly communicating with their associates based in Afghanistan via telephones, during their attack on the Agriculture Directorate in Peshawar.

Commenting on the recent statement of top US commander Gen John Nicholson, DG ISPR said that Pakistan has done more than its capacity to ensure security and that no other country has done more than what Pakistan has done to tackle terrorism.

Speaking on the Peshawar agriculture university attack, the DG ISPR said that all the three terrorists were wearing suicide jackets and reached the site of the incident at 8:45 am by rickshaw.

At least nine people were killed and 37 others injured in a firing incident that targeted the hostel of Agriculture Directorate on University Road, Peshawar, early Friday morning. The attack was claimed by the TTP.

At least two explosions were also heard from the site of the attack.


  1. He should stop telling this again n again. Everybody knows that TTP is based in Afghanistan. We want the military to punish these terrorists inside Afghanistan. Nothing more nothing less. If the military will not punish them inside Afghanistan then it will lose the support of this nation.

  2. We know they are in Afghanistan, but what politicians are doing to raise this with Afghans, this is not army job to raise with anyone, army job is to act on Government actions.
    politicians are very busy saving their corruptions and Iqumas, if nation elect that kid of corrupts again and again then no pit for this nation.

  3. Its the same as is with Humble Cab driver Osama and formerly World no.1 terrrorist Osama, One is fighting for thugs trying to rob of his hard earned money and other just having a good time terrorizing the world

  4. Peshawar university attack shows terrorists were based in Afghanistan: DG ISPR – So what are you going to do Sir. These are bound to happen. When India and Pakistan pointed out the Pakistan based terrorists are involved in terror activities in India and Afgahnistan, Pakistan did nothing and termed everything as basedless and sought evidence. Evidences were given which were termed as piece of papers. So, with this background, do you think, that your utterings carry any weight or is there any necessity fro Afghanistan to take action on such baseless allegations? It is always that, give respect and take respect. Pakistan thinks that only it is right and only it can create problem for others. But then others are also thinking that, way. SO, i dont think that any action to be taken by afgahnistan unless pakistan stops exporting terrorists.

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