Trump attacks UK’s May after criticism of anti-Muslim videos


WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump publicly upbraided British Prime Minister and ostensible ally Theresa May late Wednesday, rebutting her criticism of anti-Muslim propaganda in a diplomatic row between the two leaders.

Plunging headlong into a high-profile spat with one of America´s closest international partners, Trump suggested May focus on defending the United Kingdom rather than criticizing him.

“@theresa_may, don´t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!” he tweeted, after an earlier tweet with the same message used the wrong Twitter handle for May.

Trump had drawn fierce condemnation at home and abroad earlier in the day for retweeting three incendiary anti-Muslim videos posted by the deputy head of a British far-right group who has been convicted of a hate crime.

May said through a spokesperson that Trump was “wrong” to promote the “hateful narratives” of the group, British First.

Trump´s interventions in British politics have strained the so-called “special relationship.”

He has infuriated British authorities with his tweets on terrorism in Britain, including highly publicized run-ins with London´s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan.

Khan on Wednesday described Britain First as “a vile, hate-fuelled organisation whose views should be condemned, not amplified.”

Before Trump´s latest missive, the White House had scrambled to limit the fallout, saying that even if the anti-Muslim videos were misleading, the president was pointing out a real problem.

“The threat is real, and that´s what the president is talking about,” said White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

´Never the wrong time´

Deputy spokesman Raj Shah also defended Trump´s actions: “It´s never the wrong time to talk about the security and safety of the American people. Those are the issues he was raising in his tweets this morning.”

One of the videos falsely claims to show a Muslim beating up a Dutch boy on crutches.

The Dutch embassy in Washington took the unusual step of publicly criticizing a sitting US president on Twitter.

“@realDonaldTrump Facts do matter. The perpetrator of the violent act in this video was born and raised in the Netherlands. He received and completed his sentence under Dutch law.”

Another video is described as showing a mob pushing a teenager off a rooftop, without any context — it appears to be footage filmed during unrest in Egypt in 2013. A man was executed for his role in the teen´s death.

The third video allegedly depicts a Muslim smashing a statue of the Virgin Mary.

All three videos were originally posted by Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of the far-right group Britain First, which hailed Trump for his support.



Fransen was found guilty last year of a hate crime after hurling abuse at a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.

Britain First, which was formed in 2011 and is known for picketing outside mosques, has run and lost in several British and European parliament elections.

´Abhorrent, dangerous´

Brendan Cox, widower of MP Jo Cox who was murdered by a right-wing extremist last year, said: “Trump has legitimized the far right in his own country, now he´s trying to do it in ours.

“Spreading hatred has consequences & the president should be ashamed of himself,” he said.

Trump´s behaviour renewed calls for May to revoke an invitation for the American president to make a state visit.

David Lammy, a lawmaker for Britain´s opposition Labour Party, said: “The president of the United States is promoting a fascist, racist, extremist hate group whose leaders have been arrested and convicted.

“He is no ally or friend of ours,” he said.

Conservative Minister Sajid Javid said Trump had “endorsed the views of a vile, hate-filled racist organisation that hates me and people like me. He is wrong and I refuse to let it go and say nothing.”

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said the retweets were “abhorrent, dangerous and a threat.”

Added Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson: “UK has a proud history as an open, tolerant society & hate speech has no place here.”

Trump´s Twitter posts Wednesday were part of an early morning burst in which he again dismissed CNN as “Fake News” and insisted the US economy was in “record territory” by many measures.


  1. Trump is highlighting threat posed by Radical Islamists but his method seem bit crude. He lacks tact and finesse. He will find difficult to achieve his goals due to that. In democracies Muslims vote as a block and no politician will openly endorse Trump views for fear of losing Muslim votes. He needs to work behind the curtains and polish his language.

    • Trump is quite open, he says whats in his heart….Teresa May is forgetting that London has a Muslim Mayor…ask her to fly to Karachi for a Mayors seat…and then support these idiots.

  2. Trump is misbehaving ethnic minorities like aboriginal nations and muslims, to get more popularity in his racial and biased supporters,

  3. Islamic radicalization has its roots in American CIA. Promoting Islam’s real core values like Jihad was part of CIA agenda during Afghan -Soviet war to motivate Arabs and Talibans fight against USSR. This was done in full collaboration with Pakistan but they could not estimate the fallout. Almost all Muslims of the world do not accept or believe in any such words as islamic fundamentalism, terrorism, or radicalization etc. etc. These words are created by US agencies and promoted by American media.
    If the western or american armies illegally, unlawfully enters a Muslim estate and kills innocent people there with their heavy weapons without any regard to human life then what do you expect these muslim people will do? Will they love them ? No way!! They will react with all the possible options….Simple.
    Stop aggression against Muslim, Stop violance against muslims, immediately withdraw armies from muslim countries and let them live in piece.

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