Imaan Mazari goes ‘missing’ on Twitter after anti-army video goes viral


ISLAMABAD: In a surprising turn of event, mere hours after her anti-army video went viral, Imaan Hazir Mazari, daughter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Shireen Mazari has gone ‘missing’ from the social media site Twitter.

A search for Imaan’s Twitter handle bounces back with a message displaying non-existence of such a page, even though it was only a few hours earlier that she used the same twitter account to publish an anti-army video.

The disappearance of Imaan’s twitter handle has not gone unnoticed and people have started questioning whether her decision to leave Twitter was voluntary or forced.



Earlier, Imaan Mazari uploaded a video to her Twitter account, criticising the role of the army in the Faizabad sit-in and the aftermath of a botched operation by the federal government.

Shireen Mazari distanced herself from daughter Imaan Hazir Mazari’s anti-army video, saying that she condemned the use of abusive language and narrative by her daughter against the armed forces of the country.


  1. Being a retired officer from Pakistan army, I have been and always will be proud of our forces. However as much as I hate to admit what army did was wrong and there is subtle hint of truth in what Imaan is saying.

      • Frankly speaking, Army should have avoided direct role in the sit-in drama but instead should have advised Govt to negotiate with the Islamist Group in a positive way. Nobody is saying that they should have fired them..
        You need to understand that Army should work in a manner which puts Civilian Government as the upper body and Army should not be part of any politics. But power-bug has infected Pak Army for long time so it is hard to get rid of.

      • Follow the direct orders from the top brass from the civilian government whom they are suppose to report to not the otherway around.

  2. These burger b.i.t.c.h.e.s are as threatening as terrorists. She knows nothing but just parroting elitist idiotic verbose.

    • To speak against what you think is wrong is your right but base on that to remove twitter account is wrong.

  3. Shireen Mazari has done the right thing. This girl seems to know nothing about the actual situation on ground and just making opinion. According to her another Laal masjid should have happened with numerous deaths before calling off the dharna. Stupid

  4. This is the beauty of ‘freedom of expression’ that you can disgrace anyone at anytime without putting forth any evidence to support your viewpoint. She wouldn’t have embarrassed her parents this much only if they had groomed her a little better. I guess a little thrashing and spanking can still do the wonder she is in dire need of.

  5. Aese hoty hen log Jo namak harmi karty hen. Sharm Karo begairat larki us army k khilaf bat KR rahi ho jis ne qurbaniya de KR hamy mehfoz rakha HOA ha.

  6. Chalo ise bhi Gaddar karar diya jayega.
    Jaisa aaj kal India main BJP Govt k Against bolte hai use karte hoo.
    Bravo my neighbor brothers.
    Proud karo aisi generations pe Ow aurte bhurkhe main middle class ki hi hoti hai…upper class to apne AAP KO MUSLAMAN TO MANTA HI NAHI.

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