Higher-ups intervene to free harasser from law’s grip


LAHORE: It has been learnt that a private school director Nasir Mahmood Khan, arrested on harassment charges after a first information report (FIR) was lodged against him on Sunday, has been released following intercession by a member of the provincial assembly (MPA) and alleged bribery.

According to received reports, Nasir Mahmood Khan frequently summoned female staff members to his office after work hours and attempted to handle them inappropriately, while the victims of his advances would not speak up against him out of fear.

However, when Khan made such an attempt on accountant Sameera, she resisted his advances and made noise to attract the attention of those outside. She then fled and reported the whole incident to police. Following Sameera’s daring action, two more women of the school staff added their testimony to the complaint against Khan.

A team from the Punjab society police station subsequently arrested the accused with the help of other residents of the area.

However, on intercession from a member of provincial assembly (MPA), and after the alleged exchange of large sums of money, the accused was set free.

On Sameera’s subsequent appeal, the Cantonment Superintendent of Police (SP) Muhammad Naveed, wrote to Defence deputy superintendent of police (DSP) and ordered him to initiate investigations. He ordered for a comprehensive investigation to be conducted and for proper action to be taken against the culprit.