Faizabad protesters leave behind 50 tonnes of waste


ISLAMABAD: The plight of the citizens of the twin cities did not end with the 22-day sit-in.  The over two-week long sit-in of Tehreek-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYR) after causing hiccups in the daily life of citizens has left behind an environmental threat.

As the cities returned to normal life, Metro and other bus services resumed operations and carried the protesters away from the sit-in site. However, what didn’t go away was the 50 tonnes of waste left behind by the protesters.

According to a statement by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), 500 sanitary workers have been busy clearing up the waste since Monday night.

Traffic jams were a common occurrence in both cities during the protest, resulting in commuters and ambulances being stuck for hours. Life in the twin cities was restored to normal on Nov 27 and the citizens resumed daily activities after a 22-day gap.

The metro bus service was restored from Rawalpindi Saddar to the Islamabad secretariat but the main Faizabad station remained closed due to the damage caused by the protesters. Twenty three other stations also resumed services for the passengers.

All containers from the Islamabad red zone have been removed and traffic is moving as per usual routine.

The twin cities’ citizens are hopeful that they will not have to suffer another such event causing public unrest and disorder.