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People at twin cities get relief soon after TLY-government agreement

ISLAMABAD: People at the twin cities got relief soon after the announcement was made by the leadership of Tehrik-e-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLY) at the Faizabad sit-in after an agreement was made between the leadership of TLY and the government.

The restricted residents of the twin cities started moving towards Faizabad bus stands, markets and to many other places as they became mobile at different locations of the twin

After the announcement made by TLY leaders at Faizabad, Islamabad administration started removing the containers which were places far before the Faizabad Although the leadership of TLY announced to sit protesters for a further 12 hours but the participants started moving back soon after the announcement.

The workers of Capital Development Authority (CDA) reached there to improve the condition of sanitation since it had remained uncleaned because of the 22-day sit-in of TLY.

The vehicles burnt by the TLY included police vans, buses, motorcycles and many others cars. They were picked up from the roads by Islamabad administration.

The security personals and protesters of TLY were removed from their deputed and were seen wrapping up their camps. The owners of petrol pumps and CNGs started removing covers as they saw the protesters moving back to their homes.

The local vehicles started overcharging as the people moved towards buses. There was not any check and balance on their overcharging by the Islamabad traffic police.

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