Students returning from trip get stuck at Gujranwala station


GUJRANWALA: Students of a private school of Lahore on their way back from a trip to Faisalabad got stuck at Gujranwala railway station on Sunday, due to the ongoing protest in different areas of the country against the operation carried out against Faizabad protestors on Saturday.

More than 150 schoolchildren had been on the trip, when their train was stopped at the Gujranwala railway station.

The schoolchildren and teachers reported that their mobile phone batteries had died because of which they could no longer contact their families, adding that they had also run out money to buy food.

There were also three would-be bridegrooms on the same train who had been on their way to their respective weddings in Lahore.

Railway administration has subsequently decided to return the train to its starting point to avoid it from getting stuck again at other places.

The railway track from Gujranwala to Lahore has been blocked near Shahdara due to the ongoing protest against the operation carried out against the Faizabad protesters.

The protest, which began following police operation on Faizabad protestors earlier yesterday, has led to the suspension of train services between Rawalpindi and Lahore. Moreover, it has adversely affected a number of daily activities of people, including the closure of schools and disruptions to businesses and exam schedules.