Taking the fight to the enemy


Not so tough now, are you?

A gig in the Pakistani commentariat is nice to have. The pay’s good and there is next to nothing by way of accountability.

Within this gallery of rogues, whenever a list is to be prepared of figuring out who is bothered least with the truth itself, Dr Shahid Masood is going to be somewhere near the top.

Recently, he made yet another accusation against former senator and current Sindh MPA Saeed Ghani and his party. The latter responded by asking for his right of reply.

The good doctor did not comply, presumably because the allegations in question were complete hogwash.

So Ghani, like many from his tribe of activist-politicians do, showed some proactivity and booked a flight to Islamabad, saying he will gatecrash Shahid Masood’s show. What made things better is that the lawmaker livetweeted his journey.

Eventually, he reached Islamabad and went to the News One office. He wasn’t let in, so he sat on the footpath and tweeted out a couple of photos of his, much to the delight of his followers on twitter.

A flabbergasted Shahid Masood, riled no doubt also by the support that Ghani was getting online, explained his point of view to his only captive audience, the poor little host of his program. (Aside: The HRCP really needs to free her.) “Meri jooti bhi na bulaae iss ko…”

This is an ongoing drama, yes.

But we’d like to see the likes of Ghani taking on Mubasher Lucman, Dr Danish, Arshed Sharif, that tridiot over at ARY, the list goes on…