Punjab CM directs allocation of Rs11.831b to LGDP: report


LAHORE: On the direction of the chief minister, Punjab Provincial Development Working Party (PPDWP), in a special session ahead of the 2018 General Elections, has approved Rs11.831 billion for the Local Government Development Package (LGDP) according to report by a private media outlet.

This multi-billion rupee development package is aimed at executing thousands of small uplift schemes in urban and rural union councils as well as municipal committee wards across Punjab before the upcoming polls. These schemes will be identified by local government representatives who were otherwise struggling for powers even after two years of their elections in Punjab.

The government has already nominated deputy commissioners (DCs) as the executing authority of the LGDP schemes. The government has also set a timeline for completion of all these schemes before the 2018 general elections.

Development projects, under the LGDP, will start from next month and be completed by April 30, 2018. Estimates indicate that the government has allocated around Rs2.5 million for each union council and a half-million for each ward.

Punjab Chief Minister’s Advisor Khawaja Ahmad Hassan also highlighted that the LGDP is being initiated to uplift underprivileged areas in the province.