Ex-PMAS university VC refuses to step down despite court orders


ISLAMABAD: Former vice chancellor (VC) Dr Rai Niaz still holds university assets illegally, despite the Lahore High Court (LHC) orders for him to leave the charge of pro-vice chancellor of Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid (PMAS) Agriculture University Rawalpindi, according to sources.

Rai Niaz, ex-VC of Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi, has still not vacated the designated house of VC and has also not returned vehicles which were provided to him during his charge.

In the court orders, the court directed pro-vice chancellor to perform the functions of the post of vice chancellor until such time that a regular vice-chancellor is appointed.

Prof Dr Sarwat N Mirza pro-vice-chancellor in terms of section 15-A (2) read with section 14 (9) of the university act 1995, assumed the charge for the post of acting vice chancellor at PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi on a temporary basis.

The court further added that, in this matter, the temporary appointment of Pro-vice chancellor was superseded without issuing notification of pro-vice-chancellor to follow proper procedure.

Dr Rai Niaz was appointed as vice chancellor of PMAS University Rawalpindi, for a term of four years on 24.01.2013 with immediate effect. After expiry of his tenure on 23.01.2017, the chancellor had to assign his duties to the pro-vice chancellor of the post of vice chancellor of the university, on a temporary basis on 24.01.2017 till the appointment of a regular vice-chancellor.

At the time of temporary assignments of duties, the post of pro-vice chancellor of the university was also vacant. So subsequently Dr Rai Niaz was appointed as a pro-vice chancellor of the university for a period of three years or till the date of his superannuation.

According to sources, the government has to appoint a new vice chancellor in place of the retiring one as soon as the latter has completed his term. Sources also said the three-month rule should only be used for the regular vice-chancellor of the university not for pro-vice-chancellor.

While talking to Pakistan Today, currently appointed pro-vice-chancellor Dr Sarwat Mirza said that ‘I have taken over my charge as the acting pro-vice chancellor of PMAS University Rawalpindi and have started performing my duties’. “The process for appointment of a regular vice-chancellor is underway so soon a regular vice chancellor will be appointed for further tenure for the university”, he added.

The ex-pro vice chancellor, Rai Niaz talking to Pakistan Today said that ‘according to university syndicates/rules the ex-vice chancellor can use the resources for further three months till the appointment of a regular vice-chancellor’.

“I have only one vehicle in my use; how can I manage to shift within such a short period of time,” he said.