Ombudsman office committed to resolving complaints within 60 days: Ombudsman


LAHORE: Federal Ombudsman Syed Tahir Shehbaz said on Thursday that there was a dire need to set up a justice-oriented society and that the ombudsman office was committed to resolving complaints within 60 days.

He said this while addressing a National Consultation on “Ombudsman’s Role in Redressing the Grievances of Vulnerable Persons- Bridging Gaps”. The event was organized by National Commissioner for Children, working under the Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat, at a local hotel on Thursday.

Ombudsman Tahir said that there were many initiatives taken by the office including the outreach program to make the people aware of their rights and the facility of free of cost justice by the ombudsman.

He directed the advisors and senior officers of Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat to provide relief to all those who were aggrieved by the injustices of the administrative system.

He added that the common man was suffering immeasurably due to the mal-administration of government departments, therefore, it was a solemn duty of all those associated with this institution, particularly the dealing advisors and officers to attend to their grievances with commitment and religious zeal.

He said that the Ombudsman institution was the only forum providing relief to ordinary citizens without any cost.

Besides, he emphasized the role of regional offices in providing relief to people at their doorstep. He said that he would soon be introducing fundamental measures for further improving the operations of the institution to ensure timely dispensation of justice to complainants.

“Our office is also working for the release of prisoners, who are facing jails with petty offences, after paying a fine. While the government departments have also been asked to establish an internal complaint cell to redress complaints of the employees,” he said.

He assured the audience that officers of the ombudsman would visit different cities to educate people of their rights but issues were everywhere and it was the collective responsibility of all the departments and NGOs to make an effort for redressing complaints of citizens.

On the occasion, former federal minister and senator, National Committee on Children Chairman/Commissioner SM Zafar also stressed the need for a justice-oriented society. He said: “Our constitution also guarantees fundamental rights but we are far behind now and a long distance has to be travelled in this regard”.