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‘Struggle for sanctity of vote won by PML-N in parliament’

  • Talal says PML-N not against any institution; fighting for strengthening constitutional bodies

ISLAMABAD: State Minister for Interior Affairs Talal Chaudhry on Tuesday said that the Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) was determined to continue its efforts for economic development and social prosperity as it remained united under the able leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, a three-time former prime minister.

Talking to journalists outside the Parliament House, he said that today the mission for the revival of the sanctity of vote was successful, which was started by Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. He said that today was a historic day and it had been proved that PML-N was a reality. “It was united and strengthening with every passing day under the leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.”

The state minister said that the days had gone when some elements used to opt for selective leadership to rule people. Now the people of the country would elect their leadership on their own, he maintained. Talal called upon the political parties to join hands for the political stability and to further strengthen the national economy.

He said that political situation in the country did not harm Nawaz Sharif, but it was damaging the national economy. The work on different developmental projects under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor was also badly affected due to political instability in the country, he added.

He said that PML-N was not against any institution, rather it was fighting for strengthening the constitutional institutions for socio-economic development of the country. He said that the Pakistan People’s Party had disagreed with its founding leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto by opposing the constitutional amendments introduced by a dictator, which was earlier part of the constitution drafted in 1973.

He said that Nawaz Sharif was a public representative and the decision to keep him away from the politics was unacceptable for the masses. He said that today unidentified people, who made telephone calls, were also feeling embarrassment due to success of ideology of Nawaz Sharif. He said that the rejection of the Elections (Amendment) Bill, 2017 from the National Assembly was a victory of the parliament and the people of the country.

Talking to a private TV channel, State Minister for Capital Administration and Development Division Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry said that clause included in the constitution by their former military dictator to bar Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto from the politics has been quashed.

He said that the same amendment was made during the era of Muhammad Ayub Khan which later was ousted by Zulfikar Bhutto, the PPP founder. He said that the People’s Party and other opposition was frustrated in today’s session and PPP favoured the same clause which was once abolished by its founder.

The state minister said that the amendment bill had been passing through all due process and had already been passed by the National Assembly. He said that Nawaz Sharif was the supreme leader of the PML-N and presence of its MNAs in the session proved that there was no rift in the party.

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