Pakistani commended by Sharjah police for catching thief fleeing with gold chain


Sharjah Police have honoured a Pakistani national for catching a thief who snatched a gold chain from the neck of an Asian woman, Khaleej Times has reported.

Abdul Al Ahad Abdul Qayyum was felicitated by Col Khalifa Kalender for “checking the crime and protecting the woman”. The man caught hold of the thief till the police reached the spot and arrested him.

Col Kalender said that Abdul Qayyum was able to nab the suspect and handed him over to the police authorities so that legal proceedings can be carried out.

He said that increased awareness about safety in the society helps the security services in carrying out their duty in preventing and combating crimes.

Colonel Kalender stressed the important role that community members play in crime prevention by catching offenders in the act. This strengthens their ties with security authorities and heightens the sense of security among residents.

Sharjah Police have already established modes of communication between the police and the public to report any incident or practice that may disturb the security and stability in the emirate, he pointed out.

He urged the public to report crime and any negative practice or illegal activities by calling 800151 or sending a text message at 7999 or by calling operation room at 999 for emergencies or calling 901 for non-emergencies.