Leader of murderous cult Charles Manson dies at 83


CALIFORNIA: Following news that Charles Manson was hospitalised in grave condition last week, the leader of murderous cult has passed away late Sunday night on November 19 at a hospital in Bakersfield, California, reported TMZ.

Manson’s health had been steadily deteriorating, due to a number of medical conditions, and he was deemed too weak for surgery for intestinal bleeding earlier this year. Upon his death, Manson had spent over half his life in prison. He was 83 years old.

Thus ends 46 years behind bars for the madman. After killing Sharon Tate and six others in 1969, Manson and other members of his “family” were convicted of first-degree murder. The cult ringleader was originally sentenced to death penalty, but when California abolished the punishment in 1972, Manson’s sentence was commuted to life in prison. He then tried to secure parole twelve times but was denied in every attempt.

From behind bars, Manson still managed to pose a danger to others in countless instances, and at best, his behaviour acted as a persistent nuisance for prison staff and officials. The ever-defiant cult leader set fires and tried to cause floods. He lashed out at other prisoners, busted heads, and burned guards with hot coffee. Although old age slowed down the frequency and intensity of Manson’s chaos-filled antics, he reportedly felt he was immortal.

To repeat, Charles Manson is dead at age 83.