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Govt dealing with human traffickers with iron hand: Mumtaz Tarar

Mandi Bahauddin: Human Rights Federal Minister Mumtaz Tarar has said government is dealing with human traffickers with an iron hand. They are being rounded up across the country  and  strict action will be taken against them. He was talking to the residents of Charanwala village situated in precincts of Pahriawali police after condoling and offering Fateh over the death of Khuram Shahzad, who was killed in the Turbut tragedy, a few days ago. He expressed heartfelt grief over the massacre of innocent citizens and deeply sympathised  with the victims’ families.

He informed that Punjab government had announced to pay one million rupees to each of the victims’ families. Three individuals among the fifteen killed in Turbat incident near Pakistan-Iran border belonged to Mandi Bahauddin.

Meanwhile, MNA and Special Advisor to PM Nasir Bosal offered condolences to the heirs of Zulfiqar Ali and offered Fateh for the deceased at the deceased’s residence in Malakwal Tehsil. Zulfiqar was also among the fifteen victims of the devastating tragedy that took place near Turbat, Balochistan. He sympathised with the bereaved family members and announced payment of one million rupees to heirs of the victim as compensation. He said law enforcement agencies were put on alert and informed that they had already killed the ring leaders of militant group responsible for the massacre. He further assured that the remaining accused persons will be punished severely under the law.

The five bullet-ridden bodies that had been found from near the Baran Hostel, Heeok-Tajaban tehsil in Turbat on Saturday had been sent from Karachi to the deceased persons’ native areas in Gujrat on Sunday.

As per reports, the bodies had been shifted to a morgue in Sohrab Goth from where they had been sent to Jinnah International Airport. They were to be received at Lahore airport from where they were to be handed over to deceased’s families in native areas of Gujrat for burial, a representative of Edhi Centre Balochistan had informed local media outlet.

The bodies had been found during a search operation in Turbat and were  identified as those of Usman Qadir, Danish Ali, Badar Munir, Saqib Ali and Qasim. A spokesperson of the Balochistan government informed that the five had been killed on the same day as the 15 whose bodies had been discovered earlier.

While the earlier discovered 15 bodies were found in Buleda area of Turbat, the other five were in Tajban area of the same tehsil.

On Wednesday, 15 dead bodies were recovered from Turbat, Quetta, who had also been shot and killed, and all of them had also belonged to Punjab.

The banned Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), headed by Allah Nazar Baloch, has claimed responsibility for the killings of the 15 men from Punjab, supposedly aspiring to enter Europe illegally.

The mountainous region of Buleda is 600 kilometres south of Quetta. From here the human traffickers compel people to sneak into Iran in bid to enter Europe illegally.

Kech district is considered to be one of the most sensitive districts in the province. Militants in the area have repeatedly attacked labourers, security forces and pro-government politicians in the area.

Earlier, three bullet-riddled bodies were found in the area in September, while another two were found in October.

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