Transport for London tenders apology to Pakistan over adverts campaign: report


The Transport for London (TfL) has tendered an apology to Pakistan for running anti-Pakistan and offensive advertising campaign across its network.

The transport network had told a private media outlet that “free Balochistan” adverts on cabs were in violation of “advertising policy” that the company adhere to, therefore, it had removed the adverts and has issued an apology.

The TfL confirmed that upon receiving the first letter from Pakistan High Commission on November 2 and then on November 7 regarding the campaign, the transport network had started an enquiry into the matter.

The probe revealed that it was TfL’s mistake that these adverts were allowed to go on display.

The transport commissioner has written to the Pakistan high commissioner and has tendered an apology.

The transport network has also assured Pakistani authorities that no similar adverts will be allowed in future.