Lahore’s fish market in bad shape due to authorities’ negligence


LAHORE: Lahore’s fish market reeks of dead fish, mostly due to the negligence of authorities concerned.

Various kinds of fish including Salmon, Black Raho, Mushka, Mahsher along with other sea animals e.g. lobster are being sold in Lahore’s Fish market near Urdu Bazaar— in an extremely unhygienic environment.

There are heaps of garbage present all over the market but no one from the government ever shows up to clean the area.

Fish vendor Haij Ramzan blamed the government and local residents of Lohari and Bhaati gate for the unhygienic conditions of the market. “The local residents throw away their garbage in the market but the city district government does not take any action against them.  As far as our fish waste is concerned, we dispose it of at night before closing the shop at 9 ‘o’ clock,” he said.

Another vendor Ramzan said that the Data Ganj Baksh town officials come to the fish market to collect bribes from them but never try to solve the market’s problems. He said, “I am facing breathing problems due to the stench especially after the rain as it has gotten worse.” He demanded the government to relocate the market to a safer and cleaner place.

Muhammad Tasawur said he too was suffering from respiratory issues due to the unclean environment in the fish market adding that the government had asked them to buy shops and sell fish there instead of push- carts. “It is not possible for us to buy shops. We urge the government to specify a location with boundary wall for us near Sagian pull where we can sit with ease and sell our fish.”

A buyer Muhammad Ali said the stench was increasing with each passing day but no one bothered to address the issue. “It is the responsibility of the government to provide a neat and clean environment to the citizens.” He urged the Lahore Waste Management Company and the district administration to take notice of the situation and resolve it at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the sale of fish has increased in the city due to the abrupt change in temperature.

Lahorities have started enjoying fried fish other items which are high in demand to welcome the winter season. The prices of fish in the markets have increased due to its high demand. Simon white was selling at Rs1200 per kg, Dehyma full size Rs1300 per kg, Pamphlet Rs1350 per kg, Lobster Rs700 per kg, Mahsher Rs400 per kg and Raho Rs350 per kg.

Fish is considered a great source of protein and a cure for many diseases. People suffering from heart diseases, high-blood pressure and diabetes are recommended to use white meat as part of their treatment.

Doctors recommend citizens to eat fatty fish at least once or twice a week to meet the omega-3 requirements of the body.

The Lahore fish wholesale market supplies around 200 tonnes of fish daily all over the country in the winter season and is considered the largest market of freshwater fish in Pakistan.  Lahore fish wholesale market exports it to more than 15 countries in European Union, Africa and the Middle East.

The freshwater fish is supplied in Lahore through the farms located in Dera Ghazi Khan, Multan, Muzaffargarh, Kot Addu, Mandi Bahauddin and Alipur Chattha.

Pakistan’s fisheries sector can yield higher export earnings if the high potential area of aquaculture is included.