Aamir Liaquat resigns from Bol TV, says channel ‘owes him money’


Famous media personality and evangelist Aamir Liaquat on Saturday resigned from Bol TV saying the channel owed him money.

The TV talk show host, who had earlier also resigned during a live programme, this time took to Twitter to announce his resignation from Bol TV. “The journey has come to an end and not a friendly end. Now I am not part of #BOL. They owe me my dues,” he tweeted.


The Bol Network was quick to respond to Liaquat’s announcement, calling it a thoroughly unprofessional practice. In a statement, it said, “Bol and its management had received no prior notice or intimation in this regard from Dr Aamir Liaquat’s side.”

Following Bol’s statement, Liaquat again took to Twitter, this time through a video message, where he rebuffed the criticism made by Bol TV. Liaquat claimed that he had given prior intimation and had also returned the company’s vehicles for his use.

“However, I have kept one vehicle with me, which I will only return when my dues are cleared,” he said.