Pakistan cautions India not to create ‘two-front’ situation


Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security Lieutenant General (r) Nasser Khan Janjua on Friday cautioned India against creating a ‘two-front situation’ for Pakistan, saying that implementing such a policy will disrupt the regional peace.

He said this while speaking to the visiting Special Representative of Republic of Germany for Afghanistan and Pakistan Markus Potzel. The special representative was also accompanied by German Ambassador Martin Kobler.

During the visit, the two sides discussed issues pertaining to the security situation of the region and that of Afghanistan. The German envoy sought Janjua’s opinion on matters pertaining to regional security, especially regarding Pakistan and India relations.

On the occasion, Janjua said that, “It is extremely important for both the neighbouring countries to engage each other and find peaceful solutions to all disputes.” Both the countries could take complete charge of their future by putting an end to all disputes, he added.

He also said that regional peace and security was being put under immense stress by emerging conflicts in the region, adding that these conflicts were creating a ‘two-front’ situation for Pakistan.
Explaining the two-front theory, Janjua said that India wanted to put Pakistan under pressure from both the eastern and western frontiers.

Moreover, Janjua said that, “India is creating a two-front situation which will not prove beneficial for the region.” It is necessary that world powers play their due role to ensure peace and stability in the region, he added.

While commenting on the relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, he said that peace in Afghanistan was more vital for Pakistan than any other country of the world.

He stressed that instead of trying to find ways to win the war in Afghanistan through military intervention, all shareholders should make efforts to bring an end to the conflict by political means.

“In order to save the people of Afghanistan from further destruction, warring sides should immediately find a political solution to the conflict. Otherwise, the 16-year long war, that has brought countless miseries for Afghans, will continue to increase the sufferings of the people,” he concluded.


  1. Pakistan is a fabricator of stories. They are experts in fabricating lies. However, the world is aware that the situation in Kashmir and Afghanistan is due to state sponsored terrorism by the evil regime in Pakistan. The world needs to prevent Pakistan from its nefarious designs.

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