Censor board okays Verna after script changed to accommodate Khadim Ali Rizvi cameo


Shoaib Mansoor’s feature film Verna was finally greenlighted by the Central Board of Film Censors on Thursday after a lengthy negotiation process.

The movie’s script was changed – following by filming – to accommodate religious leader Khadim Ali Rizvi.

“We did the math and decided that it wasn’t that big a price to pay,” said Shoaib Mansoor of Shoman Productions.

“It is going to be a tasteful cameo, with the Maulana’s team having instructed us how to film him,” he continued. “They wanted him to be shot in long lenses so we could get flattering shots. Also, they wanted to achieve the dreamy, filmy look in post-production.”

The greenlighting by the censor board is said to be part of the series of concessions to the protestors as a precondition for them to leave. The others rumoured are said to be the government paying for the electricity bills of the movement’s activists and also picking up their tab at Savour’s Pulao.

When asked to comment, Rizvi said, “P******don, aur la lo mujhe filmon mein, K**jaron! Dekh lia na kya hota hai?”