Security beefed up to tackle protesters at Faizabad


RAWALPINDI: In the wake of the Faizabad interchange sit-in in Islamabad, security has been beefed up to cater any emergency situation in the near future.

More than 650 policemen from the reserve police have been called on duty in Rawalpindi to assist in the maintenance of peace if the government decides to use force to end the sit-in at Faizabad Interchange.

The district administration on Thursday called 16 platoons from the Punjab Constabulary, eight from Sargodha, seven from Mianwali and two from Attock.

“These policemen have been provided with anti-riot tools, including a large quantity of tear gas shells. The police contingents will be deployed at three points — Sadiqabad, IJP Road and Faizabad to prevent the protesters from entering Rawalpindi,” a senior police official said.

He further said that the anti-riot police have been provided with sticks, shields, helmets and a large quantity of tear gas shells. However, rubber bullets have not been supplied so far.

“Police are waiting for the government’s signal. If the protesters try to retaliate, the police will respond in the same manner and use force to control them,” he said.

“Moreover, shipping containers have been put on stand-by and they will also be used to block the protesters from entering Rawalpindi,” he said.