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Need stressed to raise tree plantation in Korangi

KARACHI: Korangi District Municipal Corporation (DMC) Chairman Syed Nayyar Raza said on Thursday that in the boundaries of Korangi district, the tree plantation should be promoted to ensure a healthy, clean and green environment for the benefits of the residents.

He said this while visiting different roads of Korangi district to check the problems faced by the commuters on a daily basis. He was accompanied by the chairman and vice chairman of union committees and other officials.

“To eliminate air pollution, a clean and green environment should be promoted,” Nayyar said and added that strict action would be taken against all those people found involved in polluting the environment by cutting trees and burning garbage in open spaces.

He also instructed the DMC officials to make serious efforts to ensure a clean and green society with the cooperation of residents. “If the complete process of tree plantation is properly looked after with the joint cooperation of DMC and residents, Korangi district will soon become an example for the whole Karachi in terms of cleanliness and healthy environment,” he assured.

He also directed the cleaning department of DMC and city parks authorities to resolve all the problems regarding the cleanliness of the roads and streets on a priority basis and also make efforts to renovate the green belts of the district in order to make Korangi clean, green and beautiful.

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