Photoshop tabdeli? KP government tries to pass off Switzerland as Peshawar


–Bakhtawar Bhutto says KP under Imran Khan has achieved nothing 

LAHORE: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has found itself in trouble once more over the propagation of false facts after it was discovered that they tried to pass off pictures from Switzerland as being from Peshawar in an official newspaper advertisement.

The advertisement was published in an Urdu daily as well as being promoted on government’s various social media pages.

The ad—published by the local government departments—touted claims that the PTI had become the first provincial government to grant local bodies a budget of 54 billion in the space of just two years. Along with the claim were pictures of the many achievements the local governments had made— thanks to the generous allocation of these funds.

The advertisement also depicted a picture of a waste management truck meant for maintaining the cleanliness of streets. However, it was later pointed out that the truck so proudly displayed as part of the ad does not exist anywhere in the country as it is a street cleaning vehicle from the Central European nation of Switzerland. The government seemed to have simply taken pictures from another country and tried to inconspicuously photoshop them into an advertisement supposedly showing development in the province.

The clear misrepresentation is not the first occasion on which the PTI has done something of the sort, as Pakistan Today only recently reported serious discrepancies in the KP Higher Education Department’s claims of the number of universities they had built in the province. Before this, they had also been found lying about secondary education and health department statistics.


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Pakistan People’s Party leaders particularly seemed to take offence to the action since vehicles similar to the one used in the KP government ad have been introduced by them in Sindh.

PPP representative Majid Agha reacted to the event saying “What the PTI Govt is faking through Photoshop in KPK for advertising & deceiving people, Sindh Govt has launched it long ago to serve the masses without any advertisement.”

Bakhtawar Bhutto, a sister of PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto, also took to Twitter to take a jibe at Imran Khan, saying that the KP under Imran Khan has achieved nothing, but plagiarism skills.

Similar road cleaning vehicles have also been introduced in Punjab with the assistance of Turkish companies. While the KP government too had earlier planned to catch up to other provincial governments by getting similar vehicles, it seems as if their inaction has led to urgency and deceit.