India blocks three rivers flowing from its territory into Pakistan: report


India has blocked water flow from the rivers Sutlej, Beas and Ravi into Pakistan, while another 50,000 cusecs of water of river Chenab has also been cut short, a report in a local media outfit said on Monday.

The report said that as the result of this current blockage, water has not been discharged in all the 90 canals erupting from the blocked rivers. This is enough proof of the fact that India is quietly violating 1960 Indus Waters Treaty (IWT), the report added.

According to the IWT, India was bound to allow the flow of 50,000 cusecs water of river Chenab into Pakistan—however, the quantity of water at present is merely 5,461 cusecs.

India has built several dams on rivers Sutlej, Beas and Ravi, which has consequently resulted in the elimination of thousands of species of sea animals. Upper Chenab Canal needs at least 18,000 cusecs of water whereas India has released a mere 4,182 cusec. Analysts have warned of an alarming increase in the prices of agriculture products as farmers are using tube wells to acquire water for their fields.

According to the IWT, Pakistan has unrestricted access to the three rivers, i.e. Jhelum, Chenab and the Indus. For its part, India was allocated unrestricted access to the three eastern rivers, i.e. Ravi, Sutlej and Beas. India’s Modi has threatened on multiple occasions to do away with the treaty altogether.



  1. “For its part, India was allocated unrestricted access to the three eastern rivers, i.e. Ravi, Sutlej and Beas.”
    Is common sense so uncommon these days??

  2. btw no matter how many dams india builds the from time to time they will have to release water as one can not stop glaciers from melting in summers……………….

    • China stops water to India, it is Bangladesh who’ll be wiped out. More than 70% of water in Brahmaputra is from catchment areas in Indian controlled territory. Poor Pakis, the land of pure will stink without water. ‘Indian’ Air pollution will also wipe out Pakistani agriculture. What can you do about it? Nothing

  3. As all know the third world war start on water so it will going to begin , as Pakistan’s high authority already said the blockage of these river will consider attack on Pakistan , so sooner or later Pakistan respond India with nuclear war. Be carful India , Pakistan has nothing to lose but you have a lot.

  4. ek hi news har jagah kyu dohrate ho?? itne anpad hai kya pakistan main , bas seedha copy paste maar diya.. 😀 😀 Chutiyo ki kami nahi pakistan main

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