World Diabetes Day to be observed on Tuesday



KARACHI: World Diabetes Day (WDD) will be observed around the globe on November 14 with the theme ‘Women and Diabetes’ and a slogan ‘our right to a healthy future’.

With the rising figures of diabetes in the world, particularly in the developing world taking a lead in the ever-growing number of diabetics, medical experts strongly believe that there is a need to create public awareness about the condition.

Health experts, as well as policymakers of the World Health Organisation, are also fully conscious that a large number of women, especially those in reproductive years, are under a threat of the disease.

In the given context, public awareness is needed not only in terms of primary prevention but also on how to stay away from complications, said a medical expert associated with Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT).

An elaborate programme has been chalked out for Tuesday starting at 9:00 am offering masses free screening of diabetes in form of blood testing, besides weight and height measurement, to detect obesity.

Medical professionals and specialists would also be available to provide needed guidance and medical advice, along with a dietary instruction to the visitors.

Other major hospitals and healthcare facilities have also chalked out an elaborate programme to observe the day and help local population to protect them from the threats of the disease and its complications.


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