Man shot dead while transporting cows in India



A man who was transporting cows near the Rajasthan-Haryana border was shot dead by unidentified men, Indian media reported.

According to sources, the two men, Ummar Khan and Tahir Khan, were taking the cows in a truck from Alwar to Bharatpur when they were waylaid by a mob and assaulted.

Subsequently, Ummar succumbed to the bullet wound while Tahir was left battling for life.

The incident has sent ripples in the Mewat community, with locals protesting and demaning a high-level probe into the incident. Relatives of the two men alleged the crime was planned and the accused connived with the police for the assault.

In April, 55-year-old Pehlu Khan was intercepted by a mob and thrashed when he was transporting cows for his small dairy farm. The man succumbed to the wounds two days after the incident.

The death triggered national outrage and a demand to apprehend the right-wing vigilante groups.

Later, the deceased’s son, Irshad, was falsely implicated in a case of cruelly treating cows, as per the Indian media.

It has been years since some elements have been unleashing violence in different parts of India, in the name of protecting cows, which people of Hindu faith believe to be scared and holy.