What I wear does not allow someone to harass me: Mahira Khan


Mahira Khan is well- equipped with the art of making headlines with just one statement. She recently appeared on BBC World News in a bid to promote her upcoming film Verna, where the actress gave her two cents about sexual assault controversy that seems to have engulfed Hollywood.

While answering a question on how she managed to stay away from such controversy, the actor said, “It doesn’t matter how I conduct myself, what I wear, how I speak, where I sit or what I do, that does not allow anybody to harass me,”

She further stated, “I am not going to say that I have some sort of a very good conduct or a certain conduct and that’s the reason why I didn’t get harassed. No, that would be the wrong answer.”

She also said that one of the causes, that she did not have to face such adversities in the industry, was perhaps the fact that she started acting at an age where she did not feel that vulnerable, adding most girls start their career when they are very young and very vulnerable.

“The thing is I believe that even in the case of what is happening in Hollywood right now – at least what I was reading about – I think those girls are much younger, they are more vulnerable. They are not in a position to maybe sometimes speak up or speak out,” The actress said.

“If you are asking me why it didn’t happen to me, I can say that I have been lucky with the people I have worked with and also I have worked with a very few people,” Mahira said. “I came at an age, I started acting after I became a mother, I wasn’t as vulnerable as maybe if I was a teenager. There are a lot of things that are a part of this. I do not think conduct is one of them,” she added.

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