Sardar Aseff rejoins PTI, deems Imran last hope for the country


LAHORE: The former foreign minister Sardar Aseff Ahmad Ali has announced to re-join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in a joint press conference with the PTI Chairman Imran Khan and deemed the PTI chairman the last hope for the country.

In 2011, the Sardar Aseff had joined PTI but parted ways during 2013 due to nonfulfillment of promises made to him at the time of his joining PTI.

According to sources Imran Khan who has been pursuing a strong campaign of public engagement over the last one month made efforts to reconnect with Sardar Aseff.

Sardar Aseff served as Information Technology and Telecommunication federal minister during 2010 in PPP-coalition government.

Speaking at the joint press conference, Imran Khan criticised the existence of development funds given to lawmakers. He addressed the need of devolution of power in the country.

He stated, “All development funds should be given to local body setup”.