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Prevailing smog in Punjab continues to disrupt routine life

LAHORE: A thick blanket of smog continues to engulf Punjab disrupting the routine activities of the public.

Various sections of the motorway have been closed for traffic due to dense smog and fog causing poor visibility.

In view poor visibility due to prevailing weather conditions, the motorway (M1) is closed for traffic from the Peshawar to Swabi, (M3) from Pindi Bhattiyan to Faisalabad, meanwhile, heavy traffic is also suspended on motorway (M2) section from Lahore to Lillah interchange.

The road users have been directed to contact Helpline 130 to avoid any inconvenience.

In addition, a number of domestic and international flights from and to Lahore have been suspended.

Besides, train schedules have also been affected by smog with travellers facing delays of four to 13 hours.

Meanwhile, the provincial government imposed ‘Section 144’ remains in place throughout the province until December 16 to curb the practice of burning leftover crops waste, which is believed to be one of the main contributors to the smog problem in Punjab.

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