Jhadav can meet his wife on ‘humanitarian grounds’, Pakistan tells India


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has allowed convicted Indian death row prisoner Kulbhushan Jadhav to meet his wife, months after India’s requests for allowing Jhadav to meet, on humanitarian grounds, a statement issued by Foreign Office on Friday.

“The government of Pakistan has decided to arrange a meeting of Kulbhudhan Jhadav with his wife, in Pakistan, purely on humanitarian grounds. A verbal note to this effect has been sent to the Indian High Commission in Islamabad,” stated an official handout issued here by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

Jhadav alias, Hussain Mubarak Patel — a RAW operative — was apprehended by the law enforcement agencies on March 3, 2016 after he illegally entered Pakistan. He had confessed before a magistrate and the court that he entered Pakistan for espionage, terrorist, and sabotage activities aimed at destabilising the country.

Jhadav was actively pursuing a strategy to fund and plan terrorist activities in the coastal areas of Balochistan which had been largely ignored in the past by the government of Pakistan, documents available with Pakistan Today had stated. The document further revealed that Jhadav also funded terrorist elements to create unrest in Karachi by stirring ethnic riots between Baloch and Urdu speaking community.

The documents went on to say that Jhadav was involved in sponsoring and directing terrorist attacks and target killings in Gwadar and adjoining areas with a special focus on terrorism in coastal areas of Pisni, Jewani, Turbat, Panjgur etc. Jhadav also reportedly confessed before a magistrate of his involvement in manoeuvring improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and grenade attacks in Gwadar and Turbat along coastal areas linking the CPEC route.

Moreover, Jhadav also abetted attacks through anti-state elements against police, Frontier Constabulary (FC) in Turbat, Panjgur, Gwadar, Pisni, Jewani during 2014 and 2015 — killing and injuring many civilians and soldiers. He also admitted that he had financed attacks on labourers working on the construction of various smaller roads and highways along CPEC route working under the FWO in the Balochistan region.

“Jhadav also confessed to directing attacks in Radar stations and civilian boats in the Arabian Sea in the vicinity of the Jewani Port. He also admitted to funding subversive secessionist and terrorist elements through Hundi and Hawala channels for subverting Baloch youth against the country with a specific focus on Balochistan’s coastal areas,” the document had mentioned.

Another document reflects how Jhadav had sponsored explosion at Gas Pipelines, Electric pylons in Sibbi, Nasirabad, Dera Murad Jamali and other areas of Balochistan. “Jhadav also confessed to sponsoring IED explosions in Quetta in 2015 causing massive damage to life and property. He also confessed to sponsoring attacks on Hazara and Shia Muslim Zaireen en-route to and from Iran,” stated the document.

The confessional documents mentioned how Jhadav had launched a web of cyber space against Pakistan by developing several websites carrying content to provoke the youth against the state .

Jhadav, who was arrested from Balochistan on March 3, 2016, sentenced to death by a military court following a year-long criminal proceedings.




  1. A message from Pakistani Nation to the Officials of Pakistan
    Dear Pakistani Government, We Pakistani people appeal to you to NOT give any access to this TERRORIST SPY and citizen of a TERRORIST STATE of INDIA. India is trying to open the crack. It will first ask for wife, then add mother in law to it, then ask for no harassment, ie no questioning. Add the embassy person, at all times, then including at the meeting, then require no body-search, and then may pass a cyanide capsule to the SPY to commit suicide and from the hand of the mother he will take it. Then put the blame on you. India and Israel were the two TERRORIST States who MUTUALLY gave birth to the FIRST Tamil Hindu Suicide Terrorists who destroyed the economy and brutalized the society of Sri Lanka and delivered her into China’s lap from destroyed economy. If you do not take proper PRECAUTIONS to the level of PARANOIA, then you will REGRET your decisions. The USA requires thorough body searches of all people boarding a plane and entering jails. Make sure the Indian TERRORIST Regime is not able to CAPTIVATE or HARASS and INTIMIDATE you. Apply the same principles to the Indians and Europeans that their YANK European Descent YANKS use every day on passengers boarding their planes. India knows, Jhadav will be dead one way or another or too expensive to bargiain. They must have made his mother and wife CONVINCED of this and will pass on the cyanide capsule to him. Absolutely make sure in writing, you will do at your discretion for due safety of your country and make INDIA sign it before starting the whole process. Get India’s SOVEREIGN guarantees and acceptance. This is a very DEVIOUS race of Bania. Ajit Kumar Doval is an EVIL Devil and TERRORIST mind and he and the whole team of Hindu-Zionists is at work. They are sticking to ALL THEIR LIES, and they are not prepared to give any concession. The nation will NOT forgive you any Mistake and the CORRUPT Politicians will get on your back if you make ANY mistake by your lack of Precautions.

  2. The zionist axis of Israel-US-UK-India has invented a chip that can be implanted in the body and can coordinates of a journey. Thus, even if these visitors are carried in a secluded bus with blindfolds to a secret location, it is revealed. That is how the USA now sends defectors to the Taliban in Afghanistan to find the locations. Improvements have been with slow downloading of data from the chip hidden in the body.

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