Chehlum Imam Hussain (RA) observed with utmost respect


LAHORE: On the occasion of Chehlum Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA), a majlis was held at the main Imambargah Pandu Street, Krishan Nagar.

Allama Zaki addressed the religious gathering held at the Imambargah, at the end of which a procession of Shabeeh-e-Taboot-e-Imam Hussain (RA) was taken out. Barbed wires were used to cordon off the area of the procession and heavy police infantry was deployed throughout the procession’s route.

Members of the procession offered their Maghrib prayers near the Neeli Bar Bus stop, after which the procession carried on through its traditional route and culminated at the Krishan Nagar Imambargah.

Mobile phone services were jammed and traffic was diverted to ensure the security of all those taking part in the chehlum activities.