Pakistani-American woman lodges case of alleged assault in DHA hotel

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KARACHI: A Pakistani-American national named Jennifer Gul has lodged a case with the police of an alleged physical assault on her at a hotel here in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) on Wednesday.

According to details, the woman said that the suspect Faraz Ashraf, with whom she claims she has been with for four years and is supposed to marry him, took her to a hotel where five of his accomplices assaulted her.

Speaking to the media, Gul said, “Faraz urged me to come with him. His friends were already inside and those guys were not normal.”

She has claimed that the police have not yet taken any action even after the filing of the case, adding that the physical assault is recorded on the CCTV cameras of the hotel but the authorities are pressuring her to reach a compromise with the assailants.

She said, “You can see my wounds and they are not showing the footage because there is a recording in which the suspects are recorded as saying ‘don’t let this girl leave the hotel’”.

Gul asked to go to the hotel and see the footage of what happened to her. She said that she is tired of coming to this place and will go to her consular and added that these people will regret.

She informed that along with Ashraf, Farhan Kakrani, Shehzad and five other people are nominated in the case.