Mehwish Hayat covers Nazia Hassan’s ‘Boom Boom’


PHOENIX: Pakistan actress Mehwish Hayat took to the stage to cover Nazia Hassan’s song Boom Boom during a concert held in Phoenix, Arizona.

Boom Boom was the major track from Nazia and Zohaib Hassan’s second album also of the same name released in 1982. The song was composed by Indian producer Biddu and was also featured in the Bollywood movie Star.

Mehwish later wrote on her Instagram account, “Nazia Hassan to me will always remain the undisputed queen of pop and will continue to rule the world through her music forever and ever.”


According to Hayat, it gave her great pleasure to sing songs of the late pop icon. Mehwish Hayat made her singing debut in Coke Studio 9 alongside Shiraz Uppal in Tu Hi Tu.