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After sit-ins, PTI now trying to sabotage Senate polls, says Ahsan

Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal said Sunday Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) had been trying to overthrow the elected government through sit-ins and now it was trying to sabotage the Senate polls.

He said that PTI was worried about the Senate elections in March next year.

“The PTI knows that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) will emerge victorious in the Senate elections,” he said, adding “that will be another setback for the PTI.”

Speaking to reporters in Narowal, he said the incumbent government would complete its constitutional tenure of five years.

“We will tell the world that Pakistan is a democratic country,” he added.

He advised the opposition party to help strengthen democracy in the country instead.

“The masses will vote in 2018 general elections on the basis of performance,” Iqbal said.

“The PTI will be judged on its performance in KP, and the PML-N for setting records of public service in the provinces it ruled.”


Meanwhile, the interior minister said the incidents of terrorism have declined up to 90 per cent in the country due to an effective implementation of National Action Plan (NAP).

However, he cautioned that frustrated elements were trying to create anarchy in the country, adding he aimed to foil the nefarious designs of such elements with the nation’s support.

He mentioned that rating agencies and other international institutions are acknowledging and appreciating the rapidly improving economic situation of the country.

To a question, he said the government was working on FATA reforms, and people of the area would be given their rights as per the rights enjoyed by the rest of the country.

Lastly, he termed the development of infrastructure from Gilgit to Gwadar an important milestone in the history of the country.

Earlier, PTI central spokesperson Fawad Hussain Chaudhry said his party wanted early elections and was even ready to dissolve the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly for this purpose, if other political parties reached a consensus on the matter.

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