Teacher strip searches teenage girl on suspicion of theft in India


MADHYA PRADESH: Two girl students of Grade 10 in a government school in Damoh, some 250km from Bhopal, alleged that their teacher made them strip on suspicion of stealing.

According to a report published in the Hindustan Times, one of the girls, at the Rani Durgawati HS School, said that their teacher Jyoti Gupta searched their bags and threatened to bring a ‘tantrik’ to find Rs 70 belonging to a classmate.

“I told the teacher we had not taken the money and if she wanted to bring a tantric she was welcome to do so,” she said. “Even then the teacher made my friend and I strip in front of the class,” she said, adding the money was not found on them.

The girls then told their parents about the incident, who took up the matter with the school’s higher authorities.

District education officer PP Singh said he came to know about the incident on Friday evening and issued a show cause notice to Jyoti Gupta.

“Appropriate action would be taken if the charges are found to be true. No one has the right to force anyone to strip,” he said talking to Hindustan Times.

Meanwhile, Jyoti Gupta, while talking to HT, said the incident took place when the rest of the class was out on the grounds for judo-karate practice and I was with them. Only these two girls were in the class.

“The girl whose money had been stolen came and told me about the theft and I asked the girl to search the bags of the two girls, but she went to the class and told them to strip, which I had never authorised. I have been working for 17 years. Why would I do such a thing?” she asked.


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